Technology Lifecycle Solutions

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What we do

Simplified Purchases

Your technology is much more than a series of purchase orders. We’ll assess your business needs and your budget, and oversee the entire purchasing cycle, from order placement to receiving and warehousing. In addition to a simplified purchasing process, you benefit from our combined experience of working with the industry to provide competitive pricing that meets your business goals.

Services include:
  • Consulting with you to provide recommended solutions for your new technology lifecycle
  • Presenting the best business case to the manufacturer for optimal, best value pricing
  • Managing all receiving aspects, consolidating all received products and delivering the complete solution to your site

System Prep, Install & Support

Dealing with an incorrect order is disruptive to your staff’s productivity. When we manage orders on your behalf, you will not receive your new equipment until we assemble the hardware, set it up and test it to make sure it functions properly. Delivery of your complete and tested solution will result in minimal staff and end-user disruption. Our professional installation team can install the equipment to meet your needs and requirements. And you don’t have to worry about package disposal.

Services include:
  • Functional testing
  • Bios configuration
  • Asset tagging
  • Image development and replication
  • Ecological delivery
  • Device deployment

Infrastructure and Data Center Solutions

Need more than lifecycle management services? To address your data center needs, we provide architecture design consulting and data center equipment procurement services. From hardware purchasing to complete turnkey solutions and anything in between, you can rely on us to implement the right data management solutions.

Services include:
  • Infrastructure Assessment – using state of the art tools to help determine your infrastructure requirements.
  • Systems architecture, design, and implementation.
  • Infrastructure solutions including computer data storage, data protection, network, security, virtualization, and cloud ready solutions.
  • Certified data wiping

Warranty Management Services

Many value-added resellers end their customer relationships once purchasing is complete. We continue to address your needs throughout your entire product ownership. After your help desk provides level 1 troubleshooting, you have access to a web-based warranty management system that facilitates your repairs quickly. We’ll even help you with repairs if your equipment is out of warranty.

Services include:
  • Acquisition of necessary parts
  • Coordination with end user to schedule on-site repairs
  • Parts installation and repair completion
  • Additional diagnostics and support as necessary

Asset Disposal & Recycling

What do you do with your hardware at the end of its lifecycle? Disposing of dozens, or perhaps hundreds or thousands of workstations or other equipment is not a simple process. Once your technology is ready to be decommissioned, we can recycle it for you.