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Thornburg Computer Services


Thornburg Computer Services is a trusted IT resource and adviser to government, education and commercial clients. We serve organizations with complex and evolving technology requirements.


Our goal is to develop long-lasting, intimate relationships with each of our clients. With a deep understanding of their unique business needs, processes and IT environment, we’re part of the conversations that drive our clients’ IT decisions.


We tailor custom solutions that answer current needs while scaling to future growth. By using a holistic approach, our team ensures that these solutions align with your business goals and objectives.

Experience & Trusted

Our in-house experts are professionals with decades of experience in the IT industry. Some of the region’s largest public sector organizations trust us to deliver comprehensive solutions for different needs.


As a small and agile company with little turnover, we provide long-term consistency and continuity that our clients appreciate. In addition to having top-notch engineering and procurement management expertise, our team offers business acumen to solve your business objectives. Yet we are more than consultants. We become a partner who helps you implement and integrate new technology as your needs continue to evolve.

Customer-First Service

In the world of IT, things don’t always go as expected. When we are involved with a project, we know that flexibility is important. Whether it’s working at your site longer than anticipated, or solving a new, unforeseen problem, our experts will address the ever-changing demands of the environment.


When you work with Thornburg Computer Services, you are not just tapping our expertise and years of experience with complicated IT projects. You also receive access to our extensive network of partners and suppliers. This strong network of reliable, high-quality vendors allows us to offer the best white-glove service, while also providing pricing advantages.

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