IT is the foundation that fuels your growth and it must continually evolve to adapt to your ever-changing business. Not having the right IT service support leads to high costs with little return. If you’re looking for a reliable, affordable, easy-to-work-with IT solutions company in Western Washington,
We are a one-stop resource for top IT services that provide peace of mind.

Network Infrastructure

We provide mid-market and enterprise-level businesses with experience-based resources specializing in the design and deployment of powerful networking solutions. For any organization that has begun to strategize about their future technology needs, they often search for assistance translating their vision into reality. Our consultants use their vast knowledge of industry best practices to design the perfect network for any organization’s needs; presenting businesses and government agencies with powerful custom networking solutions.

Systems Infrastracture

For multiple location infrastructures, the deployment of computing resources can limit the effectiveness of any computing environment. The design and deployment of our designed server systems from Thornburg's consultants deliver solutions which scale efficiently with computing environments as well as the diversity of data environment. The experience of creating enterprise-level server systems, provides our technicians the expertise to assist any organization concept with a solution that meets both requirements and expectations.

End User Computing

Thornburg Computer Services provides enterprise-level end-user solutions designed to provide increased utilization, improved performance, and a reduction in downtime to organizations that partially or all of their IT infrastructure. Our consultants the state of your current setup and develop a customized strategy that allows your organization to leverage scalable computing resources properly and cost effectively.

Customer Security

Thornburg conduct comprehensive security assessments of the entire IT infrastructure and consider solutions to eliminate risk. Our solutions have been developed and tested to prevent downtime, data theft, intrusion, and an array of other threats that could potentially devastate your organization's productivity. Our Knowledgable consultants are versed in every industry compliance standard, and the best practices to ensure your company remains protected.

Client & Enterprise Support

For clients with complex big data, business analytics or embedded analytics initiatives, Thornburg Enterprise Support delivers our highest level of service. Our Enterprise Support pairs each client with a single point of contact to provide ongoing guidance, best practices, and management of feature requests and support cases.

IT Support

Are you frustrated with the lack of responsiveness and slow service from your Western Washington IT Company? Give us a call and discover how great local IT services and computer support with your IT requirements including End user device preparation and setup, legacy device management, and surplus disposal (including 100% data wiping with a DOD3 certification rating)

Warranty Support

We are a Dell Preferred Partner with Dell Certified Technicians, employing more highly trained and certified technicians than any other local IT provider. Our partnership with Dell provides above-and-beyond resources for a wide range of hardware and software issues. Our team is constantly re-educating themselves while keeping up with the latest technology updates. TCS technicians hold multiple Dell and Microsoft Certifications, with more constantly in the works.

Enterprise Sales

We offer everything you need to face your challenges head-on — from top brands and products to customized packages. Contact us for a direct quote and let us handle the rest. We will order equipment on your behalf with drop shipping directly to your doorstep. Thornburg is a Premier Plus Partner with Top 4/4 Level Support. We work on both the Mhec and Naspo contracts for Dell Reselling.

Enterprise Support

Accelerate your implementations, optimize your IT operations, and speed your business process innovation – with Thornburg Enterprise Support. Across all deployment scenarios, TCS Enterprise Support provides proactive and preventive support from day one, covering the complete lifecycle. It enables smooth integration of cloud solutions and provides end-to-end supportability of hybrid landscapes.



In IT it is important to provide a few services in the best way possible vs. offering a multitude of services with average skill set. Statistics below state the percentage of our clients which purchase our particular services.

Network Architecture, Implementation, and Support
System Architecture, Implementation, and Support
End User Computing
Customer Security


Assessing a customer's information system and reporting the results back to the customer help our customer make informed decisions so that they can operate the best information system possible. This adds value for the organization, their partners, customers, and ultimately for the networked public at large. We regularly cater to the following industry types:


We understand the needs of government operated entities and make Information Technology become a driver of change and innovation for your sector.


TCS helps schools overcome the barriers of enterprise application integration while providing the tools to create powerful new learning environments.


Thornburg solutions provide you with the tools and support to eliminate downtime, save money and increase efficiency. You’re the experts in your field, let us be the experts for managing your IT.


Thornburg keeps your servers running, software up-to-date and the users supported and trained. When Thornburg manages your IT finance, your firm runs like a well-oiled machine.


Thornburg IT Solutions take stress out of education IT. We’ll keep students, teachers, and administrators connected and engaged with an innovative, technologically-advanced environment that works.


Thornburg Computer Services, LLC is a certified support technician and parts supplier for Dell servers, computers, workstations, hardware, and devices.

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